NVMe Developer Days

December 5–6, 2018
San Diego, California


Press Release

New Conference Helps Designers Create More Powerful Storage Systems Using NVMe

NVMe is the key to faster, more flexible, and more scalable storage

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San Diego, CA -- September 17, 2018 – NVMe Developer Days, the first conference totally dedicated to NVMe, announces that it offers key sessions aimed at helping designers take full advantage of the new standard for high-performance storage over the PCIe bus. The event’s topics include moving applications to NVMe, implementing new applications, designing both controllers and storage systems, optimizing systems, networking flash storage, and using both development and management software.

NVMe is the leading solution for high-speed storage,and has been implemented by all major manufacturers and clouds. Market analysts expect NVMe shipments to exceed SAS or SATA within just a few years. NVMe offers data transfer rates up to 10 times greater than SATA, runs on the popular PCIe interface, and offers a rapidly growing ecosystem of products and technology.

“NVMe allows for more powerful controllers that take advantage of all aspects of flash storage,” said Mike Heumann, NVMe Developer Days Conference Chair. “These devices provide higher throughput and more flexibility than traditional disk controllers, including the ability to meet the needs of clouds, mega websites, and hyperconverged data centers. They also help storage designers handle specific applications and special requirements.”

NVMe Developer Days will be held December 5-6 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. It offers keynotes, expert sessions, in-depth seminars, table exhibits and founding sponsorships for companies and organizations wanting to take leadership positions in this rapidly emerging market.

About the NVMe Developer Days

NVMe Developer Days is the first industry conference focused exclusively on the NVMe standard. It provides a “one stop shop” for both storage designers and end users to learn about high-performance NVMe applications, technical specifications, available products and ecosystem support. NVMe Developer Days is organized by Conference ConCepts, a full-service professional management company best known for producing Flash Memory Summit, the world’s leading event on non-volatile memory.

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