NVMe Developer Days

December 5–6, 2018
San Diego, California



Why Attend

Keynotes provide unusual insight into how leaders apply NVMe at major data centers and their future storage needs. In addition, David Black, on behalf of the NVM Express organization, will present NVMe’s 5-Year Roadmap.

Breakout sessions focus on the “How-tos” of NVMe. Storage designers, systems developers, and data centers can now apply NVMe to take full advantage of the inherent performance of flash memory:

  • Run applications faster.
  • Reduce latency (for Big Data and big databases).
  • Scale better.
  • Build virtualized storage.

Network and interact 1-on-1 with the leading experts at these sessions (for example):

  • “60 NVMe Tips and Tricks”
  • “Chat with NVMe Experts” (over Beer & Pizza)
  • “NVMe Discussion Sessions”: Topics on Networking, Software, and Hardware

3 Pre-Conference Sessions (evening of December 4)

  • NVMe for the Rank Beginner
  • 60 NVMe Tips and Tricks in 60 minutes
  • Tutorial on the Storage Performance Developer Kit (SPDK) by the Intel engineer who developed this Open Source tool.

Wednesday Dec. 5 Breakout Sessions

  • NVMe Today - Where it is and Where It’s Heading
  • Moving existing applications to NVMe and NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF)
  • Designing NVMe/NVMe-oF Controllers
  • Discussion Group on Networking
  • Developing New Applications
  • Designing NVMe-NVMe-oF Storage Systems
  • Development Software (tools for developers)

Wednesday Dec. 5 (Evening) NVMe 2018 Chat with the Experts. One-on-one networking opportunity to connect with industry experts, get answers to your questions.

Thursday Dec. 6 Breakout Sessions

  • Optimization of NVMe Systems: Performance, Power, Cost, and Latency
  • NVMe Reference Designs
  • Discussion Groups on NVMe Software and New NVMe Features.
  • Where Will NVMe Be 10 Years from Now and How Did We Get There.
  • NVMe-over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) Transports
  • NVMe Management Software

The Business Side of NVMe

● Recent market research points to a total NVMe market of $60 billion by 2021. NVMe’s approach to nonvolatile memory has already begun to attract wide interest in high-performance computing, mobile, embedded, industrial, mil-aero, automotive and other applications.

● The Special Keynote by Jillian Coffin, Group VP/Group Publisher for TechTarget’s Storage, Cloud, and Data Center business units will present the most current data on the Purchase Intent of data centers and cloud services companies.


David Black

David Black

Distinguished Engineer

NVM Express Inc/Dell EMC

David L. Black is a Sr Distinguished Engineer in Dell EMC's Office of the CTO, where he works on technology and standards with a long-term (3-5 year) focus and shorter term applications to products. He is one of the original architects of NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF).…

Jillian Coffin

Jillian Coffin



Jillian is VP/Group Publisher for TechTarget’s Storage, Cloud, and Data Center business units. She oversees the editorial, audience development, and sales and consulting efforts across website communities including SearchStorage.com, SearchCloudComputing.com, and SearchITchannel.com. …

Michael Cornwell

Michael Cornwell

General Manager, Storage Technologies, Azure Hardware Infrastructure


Michael Cornwell is one of the storage industry’s leading designer/developers, widely recognized for his trailblazing work at Apple, Sun, Oracle, and Pure Storage. He is currently General Manager Storage Technologies for Azure Hardware Infrastructure at Microsoft…

Shawn Strande

Shawn Strande

Deputy Director

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)

Strande returns from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), where since mid-2013 he was responsible for the center’s computational infrastructure. He led procurement efforts for NCAR’s next-generation supercomputer as well as playing key roles in several successful proposals…

Marc Sylwestrzak

Marc Sylwestrzak

Director, IS Experience and Development

UCSD Health Sciences

Marc Sylwestrzak is Director IS Experience and Development at UC San Diego Health, a leading healthcare provider and research organization. He has been a leader in using IT technologies to improve patient experience, including the implementation of an all-digital hospital with iPads at every bed.…

Paul Torres

Paul Torres

Sr. Director Product Management


Paul Torres is director of product management in Qualcomm’s application processor group. His current responsibilities include overseeing multimedia technologies including video, audio, voice, and gestures. Torres joined the Company in September 2006 as a video product manager and has since increased his responsibilities to include multimedia product management.…


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“Embedded STT-NVMe has promising opportunities in replacing embedded flash in MCUs and SoCs for automotive, IoT, consumer, and mobile. Complementing first and then replacing embedded DRAM and SRAM is also a huge opportunity for NVMe that would add persistence capabilities to processors.”

Alan Niebel, Web-Feet Research, January 2017