NVMe Developer Days

December 5–6, 2018
San Diego, California

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New TechBrief on NVMe over Fabric by leading analyst Eric Burgener of IDC

Are you looking to network your flash storage to get more capacity, higher utilization, and greater scalability? Eric Burgener shows how you can achieve all those goals with NVMe over Fabric while minimizing effects on performance and latency. Eric is a long-established expert on how, when, and where new storage technology fits into data centers.

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NVMe Storage for Dummies

Rohit Gupta, Segment Manager Enterprise Storage Solutions at SanDisk and a past Flash Memory Summit participant, has co-written a new e-book - and it’s available for free. If you want a copy of Rohit’s NVMe Storage for Dummies, just download it from https://pages.tegile.com/nvme-storage-for-dummies.html

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State of NVMe: Perceptions and Misconceptions

In our first-ever study around knowledge and perceptions of Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe), ActualTech Media and Tegile, a Western Digital Brand, sought to assess people’s thoughts, opinions, and understanding of this evolving protocol. This survey and report are not intended to gauge market share and interest, but rather to better understand how much people know about NVM

Micron All-NVMe Ceph Reference Design

Micron Technology has released its reference design for an All-NVMe Ceph system, featuring the popular open-source software defined storage package Ceph. Ceph is well-suited to installations that need access to a variety of data types, including object storage, unstructured data, videos, drawings, and documents as well as relational databases. The design is based on Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.1, Supermicro Ultra servers, and Micron's 9100 MAX 2.4 TB NVMe drive. Micron's engineering tests shows that the design can provide 1.1 million IOPS and can transfer data at up to 175 Gbps. It is thus well-suited to data warehouses, clouds, and megawebsites. For more information, see: