NVMe Developer Days

December 5–6, 2018
San Diego, California


Upload Your Presentation Slides to NVMe Developer Days

Thank you for uploading your NVMe Developer Days presentation to us. This will ensure that your presentation is in the proceedings.

How to complete the upload

  1. Name your file: yyyymmdd_sessionid_lastname.ext
    yyyymmdd is the year, month, day of your presentation at NVMe, for example: 20190807
    sessionid is the Session Identifier as shown in the NVMe Program, for example: FTEC-101A-1
    lastname is your last/family/surname, for example: Bjoerling
    ext is the filename extension, for example: pdf, ppt, or pptx
    In this example the complete file name would be: 20190807_FTEC-101A-1_Bjoerling.pdf
  2. Provide a short file description. (This will appear after you drop the file into the upload box.)
    Your full name and title of the presentation would be helpful.
    If you are uploading a new, revised version of your presentation, please tell us here.
  3. Provide your email address.